Soul Light Energy Balancing Oil

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We are excited to share with you all our NEWEST ADDITION to our line up!!!

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Will be released LATE January 2022 

Soul Light is a synergy of 100% essential oils to balance your energy centres in your body.

These energy centres are called Chakras, which refer to seven site specific concentrations of energy emanating from your body. Each of these Chakra centres is to govern its own expression of associated bodily, emotional and spiritual energy, but each is linked and in tune with all the others. When one or more of the chakras is over- or under-expressing its associated energy, it's thought to manifest as imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. When all of the chakras are balanced in their expression, the expression of physical, mental and spiritual well-being is manifested.

Let yourself glide through the day with the synergy of frankincense, patchouli, lime, sage, vetiver, sandalwood, neroli 100% essential oils.

Your soul feels like it is getting the nurturing it needs. Light up your life with Soul Light.

Usage: Apply Soul Light to your pulse points on your wrist, then deep breathe in its aroma and out slowly. You can use as many times during the day as you feel it is needed. 

Patch Test:
We recommend doing a patch test before using this product by dabbing a small amount on the inside of your wrist or elbow. If there are no signs of redness, itching, burning or swelling within a few hours, the oil is likely safe for you to use on your skin.